The Nerd Collection


Much like the periodic table, each sauce has its own elements, which are, of course, the finest of ingredients, the hottest of chillies, and the sweetest of spices.

Take the whole class of 12 sauces out of the cupboard for a school trip to the table.





The launch of our first flavours, provide a flavour punch to the palette.

The first 12 flavours are available to purchase for one special price but stay tuned as many more curious creations are on their way.
For now, please enjoy and pass the sauce!

A1 Sauce

BBQ Sauce

Beetroot Ketchup

Brown Sauce

Chipotle Sauce

Kashmiri Chilli

Lemon Sauce


Naga Death

Senor Padron

Smoked Onion Ketchup

Tomato Ketchup



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