The Nuclear Collection


It’s hot hot hot. This trio of bottled bad boys is not for the faint-hearted!

A power punch of 3 sauces for 1 special price.

Naga Death

Kashmiri Chilli

Senor Padron

Drizzled over your favourite dishes, or as a secret spicy ingredient, these sauces are versatile, the question is are you brave enough?



Too Hot to Handle?

Naga Death

Packed with the finest Naga Chillies, Naga Death is off the heat scale, coming in at a mouth-melting 1.3m Scoville heat units.

Kashmiri Sauce

Created for the spice lovers, the Sriracha inspired Kashmiri, is more manageable than Naga Death but still packs a punch at 2000 Scoville.

Senor Padron

Then there is Señor Padron, a sweet yet still spicy solution. A perfectly flavoursome Spanish sauce, with a subtle spice that will leave you salivating.



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