Too hot to handle

Tangy, and fiery, the extraordinary Naga Death Sauce certainly packs a punch.

Our hottest sauce is not for the faint-hearted, packed with the finest Naga Chillies, this bottled bad boy is off the heat scale, coming in at a mouth melting 1.3m Scoville heat units.

The transformational Naga Chilli, begins life lime green, before later turning a rich fiery red. Recognised as one of the World’s hottest chillies, ferociously hot to taste, this sauce should be used sparingly and enjoyed with caution! 

It’s not just the heat that will set your taste buds on fire, the Naga Death Sauce is bursting with carrot, smoked paprika, garlic and onions, a simple sauce, yet seriously hot.

Drizzled over your favourite dishes, or as a secret spicy ingredient, the sauce is versatile, the question is are you brave enough?

With the slogan ‘Quite simply, this is how death feels’, it is not surprising that many will wince at Naga Death, and for them, we turn down the heat a notch, to introduce the Kashmiri Chilli Sauce. 

Created for the spice lovers, the Sriracha inspired Kashmiri, won’t set your mouth on fire, but still packs a punch at 2000 Scoville. More manageable than Naga Death, but more than the industry standard, the complex Kashmiri will certainly turn heads at the dinner table.

This wonderfully red Kashmiri chilli sauce offers complexity and a subtle sourness that is sure to liven up your curry or chilli. Finished with sweet onion, garlic and sea salt, this is a must-try. 

However; if Kashmiri is still too hot to handle, Señor Padron presents a sweet yet still spicy solution. A perfectly flavoursome Spanish sauce, with a subtle spice that will leave you salivating. 

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